Did you know that our mattress is ranked No. 1 by many independent consumer associations, in the UK, France and the rest of Europe? With superior technology, we at Emma have developed a 3-layer mattress that offers the best quality and comfort at the best prices. Curious as to why 2,000,000 sleepers have chosen Emma? Try it for yourself for 100 nights risk-free!

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10 Years Warranty

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Emma® Premium Quality at Low Price

Climate-Regulating and Elastic Cover

Supports good air circulation and features handles and anti-slip elements for underside traction.

Breathable Eco-Friendly Foam

Our eco-friendly foam is kind to the environment and your sleep. This breathable foam wicks away moisture and stops you from overheating. It’s also wonderfully bouncy yet features zero partner disturbance technology for sweet slumbers every night.

Pressure-Relieving, 7 Zone Foam

The modern marvel in the middle. This high resilience foam distributes pressure perfectly across the mattress and effortlessly adapts specifically to different parts of your body. Guaranteed to keep you comfortable however way you sleep.

Supportive Point-Elastic Foam

We’re here to support you – and this foam layer does just that. This durable dream come true provides essential counter-pressure to comfortably support your lower back and make moving on the mattress a breeze without disturbing your partner.

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"The best mattress I've tried in years!"

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