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Flip Topper

Certainly is a Topper - TOP NOTCH.

Very satisfied with product and assistance received. 5 Star.

Emma Air
Liza T.
Emma Air

The delivery was quick. The bed is nice. Can sleep comfy, just that the middle part where the fold was made during packing did not bounce back well. The fold is very visible due to its depressed state; could have given a higher rating if not for that.

Great buy at 50 off

I got the original mattress because my mattress had been too soft. Based on reviews, they said the Emma mattress was medium-firm and I agree it has a slight softness to it but does not sink. It is a good mattress all together, my husband said he noticed the difference in his sleep. However, I struggle with carpal tunnel and so when I sleep on the wrong position my right hand goes numb. I think I may need something firmer for my back.

Overall it's a good mattress especially if you avail of the 50% off promo. I added another code which added an additional 10% so I got a total of 60% off. I would not buy this at it's full price especially with my condition.

This is my second purchase

I was very happy with my first purchase... I ended up buying a second to complete my condo makeover.

Great Value!

Loving it!
A bit sad I wasn't able to get the extra 10% discount with code from celebs as I only found out after my purchase. tsk tsk tsk :(

Emma Air

Delivery took a week. Good thing i followed up bec they thought it was already delivered. Bed is the same as any other foam/mattress you can buy at SM. Hoping to use this for a long time as advertised.

Flip Topper
Elsa B.L.

I super love my flip topper. Highly recommended. 👍🏻

Comfy but too small and flat

It’s definitely unique but was expecting more for its price. Would have been better if it were standard size at least. Comfy but too small and flat.

not bad -- just as expected

- Corners and edges aren't as sharp. Looks like it's still curved downwards even after a week of being inflated.
- Comfortable like other premium mattresses
- Less expensive than other mattresses and bed frame so it's a plus
- Not a major concern but the corners need to be covered; I gained a scratch when I bumped onto it

confusing and is not so different than other premium pillows

It's fine cos it's a freebie. If I paid full price, I would probably complain.

Best decision and purchase ever!

I've been eyeing Emma Sleeps for a year now but I was a bit hesitant because my husband is discouraging me to buy one due to it's price. So I was just lurking and check reviews all the time.

Our bed is still in good condition but I would say I can really feel the springs already. And everytime I wake up I feel cranky, I always have back pains and shoulder pain as I'm a side sleeper or I got to used to it when I was breastfeeding. One day, I can no longer take it as it really affects my mood in the morning, I see myself looking for mattresses at night before I go to sleep. For quite sometime I always adding to cart but never checked out. I'm also confused what to get.

One day, maybe Emma already noticed that I've been adding the product to cart for so long and changing the product which one to choose, one of the customer services already texted me if I have queries. So I told them my concern if I'd go for a mattress or a topper since we still have a good conditioned mattress. Customer Service helped me a lot in deciding what to get. And since it's mother's day, I decided to purchase it with all the discounts I had. I deserve it after all. It arrived a day or 2 if I remember it right. I thought it will take months.

The moment I put the topper on our mattress and slept on it, I felt sooo good. Worth the price! It's the feeling I want, not like the memory type that it only felt soft but your body is submerged to it. This one is soft yet you can feel the support. My husband who was the antagonist at first becomes a supporter and is super duper happy with my purchase.

The pillow though is not the type I want so I gave it to my husband which makes him so lucky. I probably get the cloud type next time.

Late delivery

I would love to make a review on the Diamond Hybrid Mattress which I ordered last May 14, 2023. I was expecting to receive it at the latest, last May 24. Only after I followed up my order did I get a tracking number for my order. Shipping procedure started only last May 25. Unfortunately, as of 10:38 pm of May 28, 2023, I still haven’t received the mattress, therefore I’m unable to write any review about the mattress and the pillow.

So so...

Was so excited to open the package but wasn't too happy with the pillow...just came flat and even if I 'aired' it out for three days, the result was the same :(

Best sleep ever

Bought the double diamond mattress. First time I slept on it and it was really very comfortable and soft, but firm enough.
I didnot perspire and for a side sleeper, my arms wasn't sore when I woke up. Thanks for the mattress and a free pillow.

ORIGINAL Mattress king size

My sister said she prefer the hard mattress. So I tried it for 2 nights and I also prefer the hard mattress. I might buy the diamond Emma mattress, the price is just too high for me.

Good nights sleep at last

Been having good night sleep . I guess I’ve been a light sleeper. Now i dont wake up with my husband every twist and turn.

Durable but Little Stiff

Not comfortable as they advertised. However, the mattress is durable, well packaged and delivered on time.

Works best with the flip topper!

I bought the air mattress with high expectations and I was not disappointed. It was airy and sturdy. However, it felt a bit too firm for me and so I ordered a flip topper. Best decision ever! The flip topper combined with the air mattress is perfect! I travel a lot in my line of work and so I have slept in many hotels here and abroad. Despite that, I still prefer to go home to my bed because this is still the best mattress for me. :D

Original Mattress
Tiffany S.C.C.
No regrets!

Been eyeing this mattress since last year, took the leap and never regretted my decision, worth every penny. Deep sleep and no back aches when I wake up in the morning. Love it!

Best mattress in the whole universe!

I was so excited to use the mattress when it got delivered. I had the best, long, and uninterrupted sleep that I didn’t wanna get off my bed. 💖

Foam pillow is life

Bought two of this product and got another one for free when I bought the original mattress. Super love it!

best investment

I bought the the flip topper and foam pillow on a whim because I have an old mattress and I needed a good topper for my back pain and sore neck. Sometimes I woke up feeling sore with my old mattress and pillows. No lie and no exaggeration, but the flip topper and the pillow both helped. I don't wake up feeling sore anymore. It also helps that you can choose which side you want.

Great Purchase!

Relieved my back pain, deep sleep.
No need to buy the expensive tempur pedic hehe

Sleepless nights no more

The bed is so comfortable, even my 4-month old baby is now sleeping longer than before when he sleeps on the bed.

7/10 Service and product

Had trouble with inital purchase. Customer rep emails confusing. After order was confirmed, they mentioned they'll get back for any issues. But did not and eventually order was cancelled which led days of wait time . Emails came back but asking info obviously confused. And had to repeat the process to finalize another other.
Deliver is good after that. Bed intact and sealed. So far so good with the quality for the price. However, bed is leaning towards the firm to medium type. Was expecting a softer hotel feel. Overall, for the price it's worth what you're paying for.

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