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So far so comfortable and will give you a good night sleep.

Not for me

The pillow is not for me because I am a back sleeper and it tends to be a little high for my neck. but for those who are side sleeper I guess this is recommended.


I love this blanket, it's comfy and makes me feel sexy ☺️

Original Mattress
Angelique Love Tiglao
Best bed ever

You can sleep comfortable at night. Best bed ever!!!

Flip Topper
Christer Zyaes Borlongan
Worthy Upgrade!

If you are looking to upgrade your sleeping experience without breaking the bank and would want to keep a fairly new mattress that you currently have, go with this topper instead! The experience was night and day and my back stopped hurting the first morning after using this topper. The texture of the cover feels really premium as well.

Also, customer service is great! Initially ordered the wrong size of topper but they did not hesitate to have me return my initial order and offered a refund. However, since I am really satisfied with the product, I have decided to just give it away as a gift and order another one, and this time, in the correct size.

We love the pillow!! super soft and fluffy!!!!👍🏻👍🏻🎉

Foam Pillow
Mandy Ramos

Second purchase already!

Foam Pillow
Jana Liquete
Feels like Heaven!

Sleeping is like such a thing I look forward to now that I have my own Emma pillow!

Original Mattress
Anjanelle Madlangsakay
On time delivery

Because of the soft edge of the bed that I always (almost) slide to the ground I will give 4 star rating instead of 5.
Over all, I have a comfortable sleep from the very first day I use the bed until now.

Good Investment

Finally found Emma…a gift for my wife Emma. Lately I realized that I should invest for a good sleep through a good pillow and bed as you are using this atleast 1/3 of your life. Best option for me.


Responsive to your body weight and can be bouncy at times.

Original Mattress
Sharon April Mandac
Best Investment

Best investment yet! I had one before and used it for 10 years then one of our dogs unfortunately peed on it. :) I didn't think twice in buying this mattress.

Dream come True

Feel like those in 5 star hotel♥️

Back pain is gone instantly

Been tolerating the back pain I’m feeling everytime I breastfeed my baby while side-lying for 9 months. After using Emma’s topper, I can instantly feel the difference. I’m so happy with this purchase. No more painful night feeding 🤍

Signature Bed
Vance Navales
New Year Budol

Best budol for the start of my year. Super sulit buy! Modern and minimalist design! Napaka sturdy pa nag bed. Napakadali naman yung pag assemble since clear naman ang instructions. Super worth it!

Great Buy, worth your money.

This was my other choice because the size Queen XL in the Diamond Bed is not availabe. We’ve been sleeping on it for 2 weeks already and it is very comfy. Bed is more inviting for restful sleep. Its worth your money.

Air Mattress
lizz dt
Great Bed

Hassle free. Ordered online, delivered door to door, comes in a box, so no need to call somebody for help in bringing upstairs. Bed gives comfort and does the work of not disturbing the baby sleeping beside me, whenever I needed to go out of bed. Worth it!

Comfort bed ❤️❤️❤️

Very soft and comfortable to sleep as if your in laying on a cloud and like floating in the air 😊

Got reprimanded by my supervisor

Overslept and was late for work by 2 hours. 10/10 would nap again.

Saving My Back

I've had back aches sleeping on my really old, and cheap mattress. I'm not getting any younger, and while the foam mattress was all I needed in my youth, the back pains were telling me otherwise. So I caved in. Invested in a proper mattress, and so far it's been great. My back doesn't ache as much when waking up.

Original Mattress
Henry Penaranda
sleeping like a baby

been sleep deprived due to stress and work and Emma bed is heaven sent. after a long day at work, im now always looking forward to be home, excited to turn on the AC, shower and tuck myself in my Emma bed. deep, comforting and healing sleep is all we need and Emma bed gives it all, now im always sleeping like a baby, wakes up refreshed and ready for the daily grind of life.

Original Mattress
Arvin Joy Saclolo
Emma full double mattress

The matress makes us sleep better. Worth the price. 100% satisfied with the matress 😉

Original Mattress
Antolin Cortel
Worth as advertise

Expensive compare to other matresses, but really worth the price. From day 1 you will experience fhe difference.

Worth the wait

It took a while to be delivered but it was worth the wait! I love the topper. Super sulit for good sleep.

Original Mattress
Jan MichaelDen ruiz
Awesome mattress

Way differ from the mattress i had before. This one really suits me. And yeah! It’s true, this mattress helps you sleep more comfortably. I also like how this mattress supports your sleeping positions, wether you a back and side sleeper. Kudos to this mattress and will order again soon :)

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