Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave

Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
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Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave
Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave

Cloud Hybrid Pillow - BambooWeave


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The Cloud Hybrid Pillow is only available on pre-order. This will begin shipping on March 24 once pre-order items are on-hand. We will inform you if they arrive earlier.

A soft and plush pillow with great ergonomic support
  • Wake up neckpain-free and sweat-free
  • Fusion of plush microfiber and supportive memory foam
  • Made with a 100% bamboo cover for maximum breathability and cooling
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      9 out of 10

      customers reported waking up more refreshed with Emma.

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      Perfect balance of comfort and support

      Fusion of fluffy microfiber filling and a supportive memory foam core

      • Outer layer of microfiber fillings provide a soft sinking sensation.
      • Removable foam core provides soft support to the head.

      Thermoregulating to stay sweat-free

      Made with 100% bamboo fibers that are cool to touch and are highly breathable

      • Each fiber is covered with micro-gaps providing better moisture absorption and ventilation. Helping it stay cooler in the heat and noticeably warmer in the cold.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Christine S.d.
      Not worth it

      Very uncomfortable. Without gout the wedge foam the pillow goes flat and the the foam it’s hard and feels like your head is on an edge since the foam is so small. Also the size is not even a standard pillow. Good thing they took it back and will give a refund

      April V.
      Really comfortable

      My husbands neck pain dissapeared,thanks to your pillow

      Jonah C.
      Comfort without breaking the bank

      One of my bosses once said that everything you put in your bedroom is an investment. A restful sleep after a day's work is incomparable. Emma Hybrid Pillow is worth the price. I gave this as a gift for my significant other. Now she sleeps like a baby!

      Glenn R.
      Hybrid Cloud Pillow - Honest Review

      I only gave it 2 stars for the following reasons:

      1. It looks smaller than the actual picture itself.
      2. It is not as fluffy as shown in the product pictures.
      3. It's very soft and offers minimal support. Unlike the standard foam pillow (which is awesome).
      4. The foam core is smaller in real-life.

      1. The materials are excellent and it feels cool.
      2. Good as a hug pillow (Not as a sleeping pillow in my opinion.)
      3. It can be used on top of other pillows if you want to elevate your head a little bit.
      4. The foam core is removable and it's great for stomach sleepers only.

      I was kinda disappointed because in the product pictures, it looks big, fluffy, and supportive, it's a bit "off" in real life. The standard foam pillow is far better than this one (and cheaper) for me. I have had two of that pillow for over a year now and it is still like new and never deformed after every night use.

      I love Emma products like their mattresses and foam pillows. In my personal opinion, the Cloud Hybrid Pillow is a bit of a letdown, at least in my personal taste. Kindly see my attached pictures for reference and compare that to the pictures advertised on the page.

      Cool and comfy

      I absolutely love these pillows! Super cool fabric, perfect for pawisin folks like me! Not too firm nor too plush as well


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