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Hug Weighted Blanket - BambooWeave

Regular price ₱5,925.00
Sale price ₱5,925.00 Regular price ₱6,960.00
The most comforting embrace all night long
  • Naturally fall asleep faster with longer and deeper sleep
  • Made with 100% Bamboo Fabric that is cooling to the skin
  • With extra microfiber padding for an extra plush and soft feel
  • Best paired with removable cooling bamboo cover
  • Customer Reviews

    Perfect sleep companion

    I bought this weighted blanket together with its cooling cover, and YES! It's so comfortable. Ang sarap matulog because it's made of bamboo. It helps lessen my anxiety.


    Hugs you back

    The weighted blanket and the cover are meant for each other. The cover has ties at the ends which you can use to the weighted blanket. It feels like it is hugging you back. It really helps with sleeping!

    Kyan Y.


    Fights the number one enemy of good sleep: stress

    Fall asleep faster with more restful sleep by reducing your stress and anxiety. The extra weight that wraps around you feels like a hug, easing the nervous system's “fight or flight” response. Feel lowered heart rate and less tossing and turning throughout the night.

    Designed for comfort

    Bamboo has an extremely soft and silky texture that has superior breathability and moisture absorption to cotton. Meanwhile, the extra microfiber padding in the blanket helps it feel soft and plush on the body while maintaining breathability.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Very good

    Very comfortable it gives you good sleep

    Stephanie T.
    product & service really great!

    So when I ordered, I actually got one that had a few beads spill over--good thing the bed sheet i was using is dark gray so it was easy to see and take a photo of. I told the customer service and they hadn't given me a hard time--they took action immediately and processed me a replacement item, so 5 stars for service. It also didn't take long to receive both times. Free delivery so that's great, vs other mattress/linen brands/companies that charge like 25% of the product cost for delivery.
    The downside though with this product is the washing (it might destroy your machine or will be complicated), so when I first bought (the defective one), I hadn't ordered a duvet cover because that is almost as expensive, so the total cost of blanket +cover is too high. But I hadn't checked before ordering and only when it was laundry day, that this might be complicated to wash. So when I was processed for a replacement item, I had to go ahead and order the duvet cover (which is super nice but oh so expensive).
    As for the item itself on its claimed function to help me sleep--yes, it's true. I have insomnia issues time to time, and always need a bottle of melatonin by my bedside, but since using this, I don't remembering taking a pill. As for its claim to "deep" sleep though, I'm not too sure--I use a Xiaomi activity (step & sleep) band and the Deep Sleep recorded range from low to normal, and hadn't reached as high as when I'd had good sleep before before using the weighted blanket. So it definitely has helped me in "falling" asleep faster.
    If you have trouble falling asleep, do take a chance on this item.


    First time to use this kind of product. In all fairness, I got better sleep when using it. Not for the weak though, it's too heavy to lift, roughly 7 kilos. lol

    Ferdinand E.
    Nice product

    it is a nice product and it aids me to have a good sleep which is very important for our health. So far, I love it.

    Gives you the best sleep ever!

    It wasn't just hype, its claims deliver. So much for having a good night's sleep. <3