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Actually one of the best mattresses we tried?

Ordered a queen size bed from the official site. Item arrived within the stated delivery info (for Luzon in my case, < 5 days).
Item was well packed and vacuum sealed inside the box.

It was super comfortable and is as advertised. You could really feel the difference of firmness in the various regions of the mattress. As a side sleeper, I really appreciate how my shoulders are still supported by the mattress. If you are looking for a super bouncy mattress, this may not be the one for you. Reason is because it was designed so that you wouldn't feel too much movement when someone else shuffles around during sleep. As such, some people might find it a bit too firm. For those who prefer a "fluffier" feel, you may opt to add in a topper.

Overall, me, my wife and kid love it! We literally couldn't wait to go back and sleep on it every night.

Foam Pillow 2 Pack (2 Foam Pillows)
Tomas Rogelio Macasaet
Good night!

comfy pillows, adjustable based on your needs too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bedroom Bundle

I always had a good night sleep after starting using the flip topper. The pillow is also nice too. A bit pricy for me, but it's worth it.

No going back, now I am with Emma

I have this back pain everynow and then. Like in the morning when I wake up, I wake up with my back aching, like very painful that I won't move for a while. I did my research and glad I stumble with emma foam topper. Before purchasing it, of course I made a more thorough research and it's reviews were perfect. It's expensive but it's worth the price. Well recommended.
I never regretted buying Emma foam topper together with it's pillow. Perfect combination.

Once you go Emma, you can never go back!

The Emma foam topper and pillow are really great with the Emma mattress. I tried using a different pillow and it just feels off even though it was our best pillow prior to having the Emma topper and pillow.

Emma Original Mattress
Vincent Flamiano
Insomnia and body aches gone.

Prior to buying Emma Mattress, I always wake up at 3 am even though I barely get enough sleep everyday and my back and neck are always sore when I wake up. After just one night of sleeping on the Emma Mattress, my back and neck pains are gone and I get 8 hours of restful sleep everyday. It's worth every penny I spent on it knowing that a restful sleep every night is a huge factor to a person's overall mental and physical health.

Cost Saving

It has been a month since my purchase and I'm satisfied with the topper and I love the pillow. The topper is just right in softness and firmness, but will probably add a mattress enhancer for a cozier feel. But, it already makes for a comfortable sleep. The pillow is just right for side sleeping, the right softness and height.

It saved me from buying a new mattress, hopefully it will last a long time.

Delivery is faster than expected and transaction is effortless.

It would have been better to have the instructions to deflate the mattress on the outside of the box for better planning. But the odor, which is not so irritating, quickly dissipates enough after 2 hours, so it was not a big issue.

Look for discounts to add to your savings. <3

Emma Original Mattress
Christiemae Anne Mirabel
Finally 😴

Having toxic clinic duties during the day, to have a comfortable bed to rest at night was such a big relief for me. Purchasing Emma mattress in an easy way and delivering it in no time was such a joy to a busy body like me. Thank you. Having the best sleep now.

Worth the price!

Ang ganda! Super komportable sya higaan.. ang baby q super sarap ng tulog nung first namin gamitin yung bed.. kahit mahal sya worth it parin talaga.. investment din sya kc ilang taon mo din gagamitin at napakakomportable pa..

Emma Original Mattress
Rochelle Roberto

Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original Mattress
Patricia Denise Orquia

Emma Original Mattress

Hotel feels..

I love it...Able to sleep with no back pain and feels like in a hotel.

Emma Foam Pillow
Kaeron Magarang
Great Comfort and Support

Emma pillow supports my nape and upper back pretty well. It also tacks me to sleep because of the comfort it provides. Thank you, Emma.

2nd purchase of topper and pillow

This is my second time buying from Emma. The first one I bought was a single topper and a pillow. My husband tried it first for the first few nights and he said it was great. I bought it during sale and finally, the queen size topper is available and on sale again.

A good night sleep and gradual ease of backpain made me bought this bundle the second time. My son uses the single topper and pillow I bought before while we use now the queen size topper and pillow.

Thank you Emma.❤️❤️❤️

Can't Sleep on Other Mattresses Anymore

Every other bed feels like sleeping on a rock now

I don’t have any complains

Before I invested in an Emma pillow, my husband constantly complained about how he cannot sleep well and how weird our pillows feel. We have ordered a lot of different brands in the pursuit of the best. Finally, I stumbled upon Emma from one of the bloggers I follow. It was the best one so far. My husband had only high praises for it and I thank Emma forkeeping my husband quiet 😊

Loved it at first

It was very comfortable especially during the first 4months but, after a while, the parts of the bed where we usually sleep sunk and the middle part maintained the right firmness which we loved. It’s now harder to get up. 😕

Hi Carlo,
Thanks for the feedback. Our customer support team will reach out to you to assist you on this.

Emma Mattress


Emma Queen Size Bed & Pillow

During weekdays, we stay in our condo which has the Emma mattress and pillow and weekends, we stay in my in laws' which has a spring mattress that costs 28k php so you can say that my comparison is legit!

I have back issues. I often wake up in the morning with sore muscles and painful hip and back. We moved in to our condo and bought the Emma mattress and I can tell a very huge difference! I sleep soundly, even my daughter! When we recieved the mattress, I told my husband to keep the box just in case we need to return it but sorry guys, it's not happening! We threw the box instead. Anyway, I still experience back pains when I sleep in my in laws' house so I can definitely attest on how good this product is. My husband and 2 yr old girl love it! Will buy more pillows soon. 😊

Emma Flip Topper
Louie Gerard Abiva
Best Topper

Used the topper on my roof top tent. Now my camping is more comfortable

Its good! But...

Nothing much else to say, it's a good mattress. Although, it pretty much still smells new even after airating it for about a day.

Emma Flip Topper
Maria Cecilia Alvarez
Flip topper

Very comfortable to sleep every night, it’s worth it!

Emma Original Mattress

Emma Foam Pillow
Julie Tanya Lanzar
The best pillows ever!

It’s loke sleeping ob clouds! It’s better also to have the emma mattress bed for best sleeps ever

My first imported mattress does not disappoint.

Adulting! Bought a mattress for myself for the first time, definitely an upgrade from my double stacked uratex mattress in which I sink in. Hopefully it would stay as firm as it has been for the past month.

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