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Absolutely no regrets of buying this mattres

Based on reviews here (and also in the Netherlands), decided to buy the Diamond Hybrid mattress. Sleeping has become a joy again 😊. The mattress supports your body very well. It feels soft, yet does not sink in. My body feels…is relaxed when waking up. Maybe not the cheapest mattress on the market, but definitely worth every peso. Highly recommended!

Excellent mattress topper

Ordered your king size topper for the guest room and have been told that the guests are having the best sleeps !! Great company to deal with as well

Feels like sleeping in a hotel

We have been using our EMMA Diamond Hybrid mattress for 3 weeks now. We have also travelled last week spending a week in Tokyo staying in really good hotels. Despite of the good beds in our hotel rooms, we still missed our EMMA bed. This proves how good the quality is.

Are you kidding me with all the stress I am suffering now?

Two items are defective and two missing accessories. Customer Service are not responding I ask for help in support team I was notify of the shipment coming now for almost 2 weeks? And per description only 1 Leg????? What??? Bend sending emails more than 10 of them no response all of those are being screen shot before I sent for evidence that Emma Bed Co. has a poor customer service relation.

Relaxed sleep

My daughter likes to sleep early at night since she had Emma.


I can now have a good sleep without backpain in the morning. 5 stars!!!!! Highly recommended.

Foam Pillow
Benjielyn P.
Firm but very good on my neck! ❤️ No neckpains anymore every morning!

At first, I was hesitant to use because of the reviews that its too firm, but its true! Its very firm but gave a try to use it, after I woke up I had no backpains and neckpains anymore! Such a relief, you will get used to it as time goes by. What works for me might not work for you so I’m just giving you some insights on my experience. Thanks Emma!

Not appropriate size.

Not yet tried yet. But disappointed in the size. I ordered queen. 59*75*10 but when i measured it. Its only 58*75*9. I dont know thats why they put free 2 foam pillow just because of the error size. 😔

Star rats


Missing 2 FREE Foam Pillows for 9/9 Early Access

I received my order for 1 ea. Emma Flip Topper Queen-size 150x190 cm late last night (11:00 pm) due to wrong address read by Transportify, your contracted logistics delivery.

However, I did not find any inclusion of 2 FREE Emma Foam Pillows in the delivery for 9/9 Early Access as advertised in your website.
Pls provide the 2 pillows as soon as possible per your advertisement.

I guess I expected more…

I thought it would be more plushy, but it’s not. I don’t feel the support. And the pillow is kind of narrow compared to a regular-sized pillow. It fits loosely in my pillowcase. I guess I expected more. ☹️

Original Mattress
Edgardo B.
Great Mattress

Mattress offered good support for the spine and good motion isolation. Value for money and woke up refreshed after usage. Ok to recommend to my friends and other family members.

DM sleeps

i was so overwhelmed with the quality of this bundle. I will order also for my kids.

Worth the money

We've been sleeping in a foam mattress for the longest time and it was quite an upgrade to choose a premium mattress like emma. All I can say is that it's worth it! It lessened my backpain exponentially and sleep interruptions when my spouse get up early in the morning was highly reduced. I hope it last. I wouldnt think twice to buy another one for a our new home, too.

Original Mattress
Jesus J.R.
Miracle bed

My years of pain gone in 1 day.

Happy with this bundle!

Been wanting to get the bed, but for now, this bundle will do. I had a good night sleep and feels like it bought a new bed but it it actually just a topper. Super satisfied with both topper and pillow.

Emma Air
Ellen G.
Sold out????????????????

Why do you still advertise?

Review on Bed and customer service

The bed was exceptional, my backpain was lessened because of this. But the customer service was a bit unsatisfactory because they didn't inform me that my address wasn't serviceable by the courier which delayed the delivery. They only informed me after i had to follow up on the status of my order.

Watch til the end 😂

Very good

Very comfortable it gives you good sleep

The Signature Bundle (1 Signature Bed + 1 Original Mattress 2.0)
Signature Bundle

Smooth transaction, very nice ng mattress at bed frame also. And yung cover replacement agad nilang pinadala kasi nagkaroon ng butas. Madaling mag response ng mga customer service nila mabilis umaction. Kudos!

Flip Topper
Cacay M.
Comfortable but Undersized

Topper is definitely worth it except it's a weird small queen size. Since I can remember, purchasing anything for the queen-sized beds in my house was never an issue. It was always what I always thought was the only standard queen size there ever was. Sheets, mattresses etc. All of a sudden I discover, only on Emma, that whatever I've always considered as a standard queen size is to them, a queen XL. Unfortunately they don't offer said queen XL toppers on their site (not sure why) so the queen topper I bought is too short for my guest room. Still deciding on the return. Hoping to be able to exchange it for a queen XL instead.

Smooth Transaction

Smooth Transaction and Fast Delivery

Foam Pillow
Best sleep in years

I just want to say the pillow is so great, my sleep is so great.

How thick is the foam

I want to try this, but i need to know the thickness of the foam