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EMma Pillow

Very Comfortable

Wooden Bed
Ronaldo A.

Very Sturdy and Elegant. The mattress is so comfortable

Improved sleep

The quality of my sleep definitely improved with this topper and pillow.
Will buy the kingsize for our matrimonial bed.

Great Bed, Firm and medium soft, Good customer service

First off I'm an anxious customer so having a reliable Customer Service to answer my questions are a big plus for me in purchasing. Another plus is that they offer COD and free deliver. I just wished I waited 2 more weeks before purchasing so I can get the free pillows :(.
After a week of use, My sleep is much better than before. I think it still takes more time of adjusting. But this is well worth purchase. I love it.

Diamond hybrid bundle

Comfy. The onlY thing is you still have to put sheets to avoid himulmol of the bed.


Using emma sleep topper and foam pillow for about three weeks, nothing to say that much, but I can tell that it helps my sleep better. I really wanted to purchase more but can't afford right now.Thank you Emma for the wonderful experience!!

No more back pains!

I love it!! I usually have back pains when I woke up but now I dont experience it at all! Just a little tear in the cover so I had to sew it but other than that it's magnificent ❤️

Foam Pillow
Aileen H.
Good sleep

It was soft and does not give me stiff neck.


Excellent quality and worth the money. Soft just right for better sleep.

Comfy and worth the money

Get rid of back aches every morning

Better sleep

My neck pain every time I wake up in the morning slowly disappear when I started using this pillow. I highly recommend this pillow.

Emma Air
Very good

Shipping is fast. Quality product


Reduced my back pain and body aches after waking up

My whole family is enjoying their diamond hybrid bed.
Sleeping in Emma bed gives a longer, comfortable sleep for senior.

Flip Topper
Maria A.R.I.

The mattress topper I bought really made sleeping better. My 1-year old grandson slept through the night when I put this topper on the sofa bed. I tried it, too, and I didn’t feel any pain on my hips.

Hybrid pillow

It is not fluffy and the inner pillow is literally for infants. The endorsers should be responsible enough to also know the quality of the product and what it supposedly offers.

Flip Topper
Newton Z.Z.
Flip Topper Review

The topper offered an excelent comfort to sleep which felt like in a 5 star hotel. One small comment being, since it is lay on top of existing mattress, one can feel it slides especially when you are sitting againist the head board of bed. Perhaps some improvement need for extra customer care

Emma Air
Mary K.E.
Great sleep with Emma foam

I always have a great sleep using Emma. I am happy with my purchased as it is worth it! <3

excellent, happy with my decision to buy

Foam Pillow
Wonderful pillow.

Wonderful pillow. Love it.

Excellent Mattress

Excellent quality and worth the money. Soft just right for better sleep.

Emma Original Mattress 2.0 experience

Very comfy. I can now sleep better and get rid of back aches every morning.

Really Good and Worth the Money

Really Good and Worth the Money