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Loved it so much that I gave it as a gift

Theyre loving it! They forwarded the pics

A pillow to travel 😊

Indeed a quality and nice product. Worth to buy 😊


I can finally sleep better and longer and there’s a space I can put my arm in so it doesn’t hurt anymore when I wake up

Air Mattress
Julian Sambrook

Soft, comfortable and promises a good night’s sleep. Delivery is quick, easy and efficient.

Original Mattress
Lucita Limbauan

Very comfy i’m satisfief

Original Mattress
Christian Cantara
Father & Son Wrestling Arena

More than the comfort of sleep that feels like a hotel, our new emma bed becomes a routine bonding for me and my son, before sleep. My boy can't get enough of Emma.

We love all Emma products.

My husband and I have had the foam pillow for over a year (still in great shape as if it's brand new) This year, we finally got our daughter the same pillow along with the Emma bed frame. She loves it.

The Emma bed, mattress, and pillows just elevate the whole sleep experience for us. Can't recommend all of Emma's products enough.

Foam Pillow

I never have neck and shoulder pains anymore. thank you Emma!

I love my Emma mattress! It's super comfortable to the point that I am trouble getting out of bed every morning :) i'd definitely recommend this mattress to my family and friends because investing in your sleep is always a must!

Great head pillow

The foam pillow is comfortable. It's not too soft so it gives support. No more stiff neck and painful shoulders. Everyone at home is happy to have this.

Like a hotel bed

I have been using the Emma original mattress for a year now and I love it. It feels like those hotel beds when we go on vacations.

Better than hotel beds

We replaced our almost 3-year-old mattress and upgraded to the Emma Hybrid mattress. I can't recommend this enough. It's soft but does not sink. It's extremely comfortable and sleep quality got so much better.

Got the navy one to match the travel pillow and I am really happy when I got them. Just from the appearance, you can say that the products are of high quality. Love how they both look good and feel good when you actually use them.
Great item to buy! 💙

Everyone in our family is using Emma products at home and we are so glad that we can now keep being comfy even when traveling. The quality is superb! and it's even convenient to carry because it has its own case. 💙

I would normally pick a plush microfiber pillow over a foam pillow but this changed my mind. Definitely love that it comes with three separate pillow layers so it's easy to adjust to match our own preferences for comfort.

Got this beautiful bed frame for my parents and I am really happy with how glad they are with it. Using this with the Diamond Hybrid Mattress is like upgrading their room as their own cozy hotel room. The fast delivery was such a good bonus too!

After a year of using Emma Original, we got this new mattress as a gift for our parents and they are very very happy with its coziness. Definitely worth the upgrade!

As a person who takes quite a long time to fall asleep, this mattress is definitely a huge help. Really comfortable to use so would definitely recommend!

Pain Reliever - Emma Rx!

My husband & I have been suffering from back & shoulder pains for almost a year. We don’t get a restful sleep, it was with much effort to get up from the bed every morning. We thought it was because we are aging. We had a 5-day vacay. We felt so relaxed while sleeping. No back nor shoulder pains for the entire 5 day vacay, effortless from lying to sitting position. No nape pains! We checked the bed. There you go-it was an Emma bed! So we decided to purchase even if we were still on our day 4 vacay.
Our Original Emma Bed was delivered and we used it right away. We were sound asleep on our 1st night with Emma bed. We do not experience anymore pains now. Plus, even if I get up in the middle of the night, I don’t get to disturb my husband because it was so stable that our original Emma bed doesn’t make any movements even if I keep on moving. We are happy & very satisfied with our Original Emma Bed. We should’ve not suffered for months if only we purchased this mattress earlier. It’s not the aging but it was our old bed that caused all our pains. Thank you Emma for your technology! You are so worth it! I’ll make sure to change our other mattresses to Emma ONLY!

Priceless Comfort

Emma was my undeniable greatest purchase of the year! Expensively rewarding, indeed. Investing in my sleep is the best decision I made.

King Mattress

Fast delivery, incredible product and satisfy our comfortable sleeping requirements.

Will recommend to my friends

Original Mattress
King Jonas
Worth-it Investment for Sleep

I work graveyard and I cannot stress enough how important sleep is. My mentor told me that invest in your sleep because it is as important. After Getting Emma Mattress and Pillow I've had the best sleep of my life and I am not going back. Planning on purchasing a few more for my mom and siblings.

Air Mattress
Nenette Graf
Emma mattress. 5 star!

glad i decided to replace my old mattress with the best!

Flip Topper
No more backaches... THANKS EMMA!

The technology used by Emma helped a lot to achieve uninterrupted sleep by its customers. Even if you sleep for more than 8 hours, backaches are gone compared to any other mattresses. Two thumbs up!!! Superb quality and comfort!

Original Mattress
Paul Abdon
Takes the Pain Away!

Having neck pains recently and thought of trying this pillow from #EmmaPh! And I love it!

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