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Good nights

Ordered the Diamond Hybrid Mattress for the hubby.
This is the 3rd mattress change.
So happy that finally there is no complain.
So happy with results - so worth it.
Finally found the right mattress.
Thank you, Emma!

Flip Topper
Von A.
Moves like jagger

- Comfy ( for me. not my wife)
- A bit firm
- tends to fall ( moves at the other side of the bed.) We always adjust.

Flip Topper
Marilyn D.L.
Comfy - Emma Topper and Pillow

Very comfortable and relaxing. Never sleep like a baby again

Good choice

Great mattress, It gives a good night sleep and alleviate my back pain.This is my second order, it was a good buy

Never slept better

Me and my wife never slept better. We used to have pain on our neck, shoulder on our last pillow. But with this pillow we can sleep all through the night without worrying about the pain.

Absolutely Life-Changing!!!

Before getting my Emma mattress, I’ve been having back pains from sleeping on my old one. At night, I have trouble falling asleep cause it has become so uncomfortable. When I wake up, my back is killing me so I start my day already filled with distress. Today, lying down on my new mattress is the best feeling ever. I look forward to heading home to be fully rested after a good night’s sleep. I wake up recharged and ready to face another day. This mattress is absolutely life-changing. 1/3 of my life to be exact ;)

5 star comfort

Great bed. Helped me sleep well. It arrived sooner than expected, in great condition. Thank you!

Best quality

I had this mattress before when i lived in Europe, it was tested as best mattress multiple times.
Now again in Asia, i'm a happy person again👍😁

The mattress supports all parts of your body, no more pain in legs, back, hips etc when waking up in de morning.
Worth every Peso‼️

So worth the money

I decided to switch to the Emma mattress as my current one was old and I’d been experiencing some lower back pain and sleep discomfort for the past few months. All of these issues went away the first night I slept on this new mattress. It’s been roughly 2 weeks and I can say that there’s such a huge difference in my sleep quality using the Emma compared to my old one. Interrupted sleep used to be common too but that hasn’t happened since I switched and I’ve been more alert and productive at work since then. Hands down the best money I’d ever spent!

The Best Pillow

This is the best pillow I have ever tried in my life! I have a sleep apnea and cannot sleep flat on my back so I trained to be a side sleeper. Often times, I wake up with neck pain. I have found the solution now with Emma pillow!

Flip Topper
Ayie T.
Ayie T.

Received my Emma Flip topper and pillow 2 days ago and use it only last night.. oh my gosh, i woke up at 7:30 am and i came late at the office :).. had a great night and I'm amaze because i don't feel any muscle pain which i usually have every morning.. indeed Emma Sleep delivers... looking forward to have Emma pillows to complete my set. Thank you Emma Sleep, you're 5 stars for me.

Silk Sleep Mask
Vienna A.

as cliché as this may sound, it's really silky smooth. it also feels cool to my eyes so I really like it. I use it everyday (not only when travelling) so after a long day of staring at my computer, using this to sleep feels like my eyes are being soothed.

Air Mattress
Vienna A.
a great mattress for my tiny room

My room is very small and I barely sleep, so I don't really pay attention to the quality of mattress that I'd sleep in. But when I received the Emma foam pillow as a gift, I realized how it feels nice to sleep with high-quality products. "If the pillow makes me feel good upon waking up, then what more their mattress?" And here we are... I still suffer from insomnia, but I'd say that the quality of sleep I have now is so so much better than ever. 😌

Toss & turn, no more!

Waking up feeling tired? Tossing and turning throughout the night? Don't blame stress or burn out. Your old mattress might need to get out! What a heavenly feeling did it bring. Oh, Emma so glad you're here!
Don't underestimate the power of a good sleep. Sleeping like a baby is a key to feel great and be healthy!

Original Mattress
Iñigo G.S.
One of the best mattresses I've tried!!

Definitely going to recommend the original mattress to my friends and family who are looking to upgrade from their old and used spring mattresses!

My new favourite

I fall asleep easily so I never thought that I needed a sleep mask ever. Everything changed when I got this silk sleep mask from Emma. Definitely improved the quality of my sleep night after night! It really feels comfy and luxe. Also, since it comes with a small silk pouch, I can take it anywhere I want. Super worth your money!! :)

Favorite travel accessory

I have used the silk mask a few times while traveling and it is now a must-have travel accessory. It is well made, soft, and very nice to have for a comfortable sleep on flights.

Perfect match!

Like sleeping in clouds. The duvet fill and the duvet cover are a perfect match. Super soft and comfy.

Great mattress

Great mattress!!! Love it

Original Mattress
Marion J.D.
My kid's trampoline

Hotel vibes and my kid also loved it and using it as a trampoline and mattress returns back to shape. Good purchase

Perfect quality.

Like sleeping in clouds. The duvet fill and the duvet cover are a perfect match. Super soft and comfy.

Hotel Feels

This is the best mattress I have ever tried! This is perfect for my parents who need comfort at sleeping.
It feels like you are sleeping in a hotel. Will buy the same for my daughter soon!

Customer Service at its best

I ordered Diamond Bundle King Size bed last December 2022 and only got the bed delivered on February 2023. The delay made me worry, unhappy and irritated, but since they have provided good customer service, I am still satisfied with my purchase. Aside from that, the wait was all worth it because of the great quality of this product. No more back pains in the morning! YouTube video placeholder
Flip topper bundle

I have been having a good night sleep since I used my emma topper combi with the pillow. Backache also not as bad as before. Looking forward to purchasing the mattress next. 💕💕💕

Helped ease my neck pain

The Emma Sleep pillow is perfect for side sleepers like me. The firmness is just right. It gives enough support to my neck and head. I used to wake up with neck pain, but ever since using this pillow, I now have better sleeping posture and no more neck pain

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