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An amazing upgrade to your mattress without the premium price tag
  • Pick between a soft and firm side to suit your preference
  • Easy to clean with a removable and washable cover.
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      📅100 Day Money Back Guarantee
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      🔟10 Years Warranty
      Our mattresses are made to last and are guaranteed for 10 years.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 71 reviews
      Pamela Gonzales
      Does wonders to my stone-like bed!

      We have a mattress that was rock hard. It was so hard to sleep on especially when pregnant. Good thing we found this mattress topper. Sleeping on it feels like a cloud, just the right amount of softness to get me to dreamland. Thanks Emma for this! Definitely the Emma mattress is my next buy!

      Mark Bron
      Mom ❤️ it!

      Bought one for my mom for her existing mattress and finds it very comfortable to sleep on 😊

      Armand Paruginog
      Best purchase this year

      My partner and I decided to order a mattress from Emma. No regrets. This definitely is our best purchase this year. Been having issues with my old mattress. My back never felt better!

      Allen Diaz
      Emma Flip Topper Queen

      Payment was easy to process, though it warns you that the payment might have encountered an issue. Delivered after a few days.
      It was in a box and the topper was vacuum sealed. Easy to unpack even for a single person. It is comfortable to lie into and comes with a machine washable cover. Up to you if you want to put an extra cover but I decided not to put one as it is more comfortable to use that way.

      My daughter was the first to use it. She went out with her mom and I just unpacked it in our bedroom when they arrived.
      We told her to take a shower as they went out but after sometime we noticed she had not taken a shower yet. We looked for her and saw her already fast asleep in our bed with the new Emma topper. She slept for a few hours and when we asked how is the new bed topper she said it was good and nice to sleep at.

      I would say it is much comfortable compared to the old bed topper I have. Soft as in when you lie down even your calf would made an impression but firm enough. Maybe the cover helps to ensure the firmness but not really sure. Have not tried the other side yet as I still enjoy how it feels using the softer side of the dual layer Emma bed topper.

      Will give it 4 stars for comfort plus extra .5 star for the free cover making the purchase a value for money.

      TM Ching
      I overslept... no kidding. A really great buy for me and my family.

      I wasn't really happy with the mattress our decorator got from somewhere. I was waking up after a few hours feeling sore, and to think I probably should have gotten used to it after lying every night for two months. I was getting just about 5-6 hours sleep in all daily.

      I didn't want the mattress to go to waste, so I decided to get a mattress topper. I went in-store to check out a few toppers then I searched up the reviews online. I came across with a dilemma - the best reviews were apparently for a brand that I've never heard before nor seen anywhere, plus it was selling for one-third the price of what I decidedly liked at the shops. I was thinking that I might be short changing myself with an Emma Flip Topper, but I thought I'd give it a try, anyway they have a money-back guarantee.

      On the first night, I overslept... no kidding. Not only did I sleep straight, I had 9 hours sleep. I knew I was sleep deprived, but I was really surprised that the topper made a huge difference. Now I've been sleeping well and don't feel sore, so huge thanks to Emma - indeed, it's rightfully 'The Sleep Company'. By the way, I tried either side to see which one I prefer and I like the softer side. I got a second one recently for my teen and he prefers the flip side. It's a really great buy for me and my family. Danke Emma!

      • Dual-sided comfort
      • Reversible to match your preference.
      • 2-in-1 topper offers two different comfort options
      • Instantly makes the mattress softer or firmer
      • Just flip it to switch between options
      • Easy to keep clean
      • Removable and washable cover
      • No need to worry about getting the topper dirty
      • Cover is completely removable and can easily be washed and maintained at home.
      • Great sleep at an affordable price
      • The topper improves your sleeping experience, no matter what comfort you prefer, without having to buy a whole new mattress.
      • Soft and Washable Cover
        The Emma cover is soft-to-touch, making it very comfortable to lie on. It is also completely removable, making it extremely easy to wash.
      • Point-elastic Airgocell
        The top layer adapts to pressure and responds to movement for ideal comfort.
      • Supportive HRX (Cold) Foam
        The bottom layer of HRX polyurethane foam is supportive and extremely durable.
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