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The Foam Pillow is only available on pre-order. This will begin shipping on Jan. 15, 2023 once pre-order items are on-hand.

An amazing upgrade to your mattress without the premium price tag
  • Pick between a soft and firm side to suit your preference
  • Easy to clean with a removable and washable cover.
    • Our Promise

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      9 out of 10

      customers reported waking up more refreshed with Emma.

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      2-in-1 Topper

      Reversible to match your preference

      • Instantly makes the mattress softer or firmer 
      • Just flip it to switch between options

      Easy to keep clean

      Removable and washable cover

      • Cover is completely removable and can easily be washed and maintained at home.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 93 reviews
      Christer Zyaes Borlongan
      Worthy Upgrade!

      If you are looking to upgrade your sleeping experience without breaking the bank and would want to keep a fairly new mattress that you currently have, go with this topper instead! The experience was night and day and my back stopped hurting the first morning after using this topper. The texture of the cover feels really premium as well.

      Also, customer service is great! Initially ordered the wrong size of topper but they did not hesitate to have me return my initial order and offered a refund. However, since I am really satisfied with the product, I have decided to just give it away as a gift and order another one, and this time, in the correct size.

      Back pain is gone instantly

      Been tolerating the back pain I’m feeling everytime I breastfeed my baby while side-lying for 9 months. After using Emma’s topper, I can instantly feel the difference. I’m so happy with this purchase. No more painful night feeding 🤍

      Martin Franz Sy
      Flip Topper

      Impressed with the product. Its durable and quite premium. Did have issues with the courier but with the customer service of Payo Asia it was sorted out immediately.
      Been using the product for quite some time now and I never slept better. Looking forward for my next purchase. Thank you Emma Sleep!

      Cristine Bello
      sleep like a queen!

      definitely worth buying..sleep is such a blessing..a priceless luxury and with Emma foam, I'm sleeping like a queen!

      Erik Lagura
      Best purchase of the year!

      Was contemplating whether to buy the mattress or just the topper since I already have a spring mattress. I have to say that buying the topper was a good decision since it helped soften the hard spring mattress underneath and it really helped a lot in my sleep with regards to my shoulder pain since Im a side sleeper.


      Take the stress out of it

      100-Night Trial

      We are happy to give you 100 nights to test your new Emma products in your own home. This way you can get to know your new mattress or pillows without any worries and convince yourself of its quality. If you don't like it, you can return the product for free and get a full refund.

      Free Delivery

      We ship your Emma products straight from our warehouse to your front door, of course free of charge!

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