Foam Pillow

Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
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Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow
Foam Pillow

Foam Pillow


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The Foam Pillow is only available on pre-order. This will begin shipping on Jan 23, 2023 once pre-order items are on-hand.

An ergonomic pillow customizable to your preferences
  • Rearrange or remove 3 different layers to adjust its softness and height
  • Perfect for all sleeping positions and preferences
  • Easy to clean with a removable and washable cover
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      customers reported waking up more refreshed with Emma.

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      Perfect for all sleeping positions

      Customizable to match your preferences

      • Each layer is made with a different kind of foam.
      • Remove or rearrange layers to adjust its height and softness.

      Ergonomic height for each position

      Recommended configuration

      • Side Sleeper: 3 layers
      • Back Sleeper: 2 layers
      • Front Sleeper: 1 layer

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 135 reviews
      Never slept better

      Me and my wife never slept better. We used to have pain on our neck, shoulder on our last pillow. But with this pillow we can sleep all through the night without worrying about the pain.

      Nino F.
      The Best Pillow

      This is the best pillow I have ever tried in my life! I have a sleep apnea and cannot sleep flat on my back so I trained to be a side sleeper. Often times, I wake up with neck pain. I have found the solution now with Emma pillow!

      Helped ease my neck pain

      The Emma Sleep pillow is perfect for side sleepers like me. The firmness is just right. It gives enough support to my neck and head. I used to wake up with neck pain, but ever since using this pillow, I now have better sleeping posture and no more neck pain

      Comfy sleep

      The pillow is so comfortable. I'm sleeping well right now :)


      Nawala neck pain ko no joke


      Take the stress out of it

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