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We ship all Emma Original Mattresses directly to your doorstep with no extra costs. After your new Emma is vacuum-packed and rolled into a compact box, it is ready to be shipped to you via Janio.

Mattress in a Box. It doesn't get any easier.



Remove the Emma Original Mattress from the box.



Unroll the mattress onto a flat surface and use scissors to gently cut and remove the plastic.



Your Emma Original Mattress needs only a few hours to expand. After it expands to its full size, it is ready to be slept on.

Frequently asked questions

Shipping and return costs are free. We want you to happily await your new Emma Original Mattress without concern for pesky shipping costs.

Customers will receive an email when the mattress is ready to leave the local warehouse. A tracking number and link tracker will be attached in the email to help the customers see live updates on their Emma Mattress' shipment process.

When a customer receives the order, an email for delivery confirmation will also be sent to them. For delivery inquiries, you may contact

The estimated delivery time can be looked up under “order”. Please take into account that your order will be sent to our production team once full payment is received and your order will be delivered within the prescribed delivery time. Depending on the payment method this can take a couple of days.

The Emma Original Mattress only needs a few minutes to expand to its actual size after unpacking. When it has completely expanded, it is ready to be slept on.

Sleep happier.

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