10 Year Warranty

Quality Guaranteed

Each Emma Original Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty on the dimensional stability and durability of the mattress core. This warranty is valid from the date you receive your new Emma Original Mattress, and is valid for the first 10 years of use. Terms and conditions apply.

If you have a problem with your mattress that is covered in the 10 year warranty, please contact our customer service team and provide us with corresponding photos of the affected product and we will swap it with a brand new Emma Original Mattress. The warranty covers:

-cracks, dents or damage to the foam, which have arisen despite proper use and proper handling

-production damage to the zipper

Frequently Asked Questions

The trial begins as soon as you receive your Emma Original Mattress.

Please contact us immediately so we can send you a replacement mattress, free of charge. You can send us an email at support@emma-sleep.com.ph

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